Public Participation Techniques

When and Where:

  • September 26, 2023 9:00 am to 12:00 pm - Mayo Civic Center, 30 Civic Center Drive SE, Rochester, MN 55904 - Presented by Breanne Rothstein and Erin Perdu

Cost: $65 (includes light refreshments)

Good public participation practices can help governments be more accountable and responsive, and can also improve the public's perception of the value of their government. While public participation efforts can be extremely valuable, superficial or poorly designed efforts may simply waste valuable staff time and financial resources, and at worst can have negative impacts on perception and political support for plans.This pre-conference workshop provides an overview of why public participation and community engagement is critical to the success of planners and policymakers. It explores the different techniques, when to provide them, and tips for handling difficult situations. This course is geared toward government staff, as well as appointed and elected officials.

Registration Information: This special pre-conference session is being presented by GTS Educational Events Land Use Training & Education, with support from WSB University. Separate registration and payment is required. Register by visiting: