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Golden GOVIT Awards Information Guide

What are the Golden GOVIT Awards?

The Golden GOVIT Awards recognize government agencies and other public sector institutions that have advanced government technology through collaboration, innovation and service.

How are the awards connected to the Government IT Symposium?
The Government IT Symposium provides a natural forum to feature and celebrate the products, services, systems and solutions that improve government IT services and benefit citizens. All nominees will be honored at an awards ceremony during the Symposium's award reception the evening of December 5, 2018 (immediately following the Wednesday sessions). In addition, there will be a dedicated space and scheduled times throughout the Symposium for nominees to discuss their projects/initiatives to attendees.

What are the Golden GOVIT Award categories?

There will be one award winner selected from each of the following categories. The award winners will have demonstrated excellence and impact in:

  • Collaboration – A joint effort between two or more government agencies, two or more departments within a single agency, or between government agencies and private firms/non-profit organizations that use shared resources to create a new product or program; which resulted in improved service delivery to individuals, families and/or communities.
  • Innovation – A product, program or service that disrupts the current status quo and meets these three criteria: Novelty: the degree of newness and uniqueness; Impact: the magnitude and scope of improvement to government efficiency and effectiveness; Replicability: the potential for replication in other government agencies or sectors.
  • Service – The delivery of digital information and transactional services that makes a difference in the lives of citizens. Nominations should meet these criteria: a strong focus on the end-user’s accessibility and experience, a high level of citizen engagement, incorporation of the technologies used by today’s citizens, and timely, informative content.
  • Individual Leader – An individual who champions and implements innovation, inspires collaboration, is focused on improving service, and demonstrates a personal commitment to advancing the professional and career development of him/herself as well as others in their agency.

Who can be nominated for these awards?

An agency or individual can nominate themselves or they can be nominated by an internal or external source that has direct knowledge and experience with the nominee. All nominees must be employed by federal, regional or state agencies, counties, cities/townships, or state colleges/universities.

Note: The Golden GOVIT Award Subcommittee has the right to limit the amount of nominations that get passed through for peer reviewing.

Note: All projects nominated must have been implemented (or in beta stage) within the last two years of the submission deadline.

How are award winners selected?

The Golden GOVIT Awards are designed to be peer reviewed and selected. Up to 15 nominations total will be presented on the Government IT Symposium event app and the Symposium website (the Government IT Symposium Steering Committee reserves the right to select the final 15 nominations). Individuals who register to attend the Symposium by the voting deadline will receive an invitation and instructions to review the posted nominations, and vote for their selections in each category (individuals will only be able to vote once in each category). Nominees receiving the highest number of votes in each category will be the award recipients. In the event of a tie score, the Steering Committee will make the final selection.

How are award winners notified?
Award winners will be announced during a special program at the end of the day on December 5th at the Saint Paul RiverCentre, with an award reception immediately following. All nominees should plan to attend the program and award reception.

How are nominees recognized?

All nominees will be recognized in the following ways:

  • Each nominee will receive a complimentary two-day registration to the Government IT Symposium (one registration per nomination).
  • All nominees will be featured on the Government IT Symposium app and website during the voting period.
  • All nominees will be recognized on December 5 at the Government IT Symposium during a special program and award reception, from 4:00 to 5:30 p.m. (Saint Paul RiverCentre).
  • Nominees in the project categories will be asked to participate as an exhibitor (during scheduled exhibitor break times) during the Government IT Symposium (December 5 and 6).

2017 Golden GOVIT Award Winners

Individual Leader:
Jessica Parker
Minnesota IT Services

She creates standards & governance in areas of PM, BA & QA. She is an effective listener who takes in info & decimates to her staff. She is expert at showing the business the value of IT via metrics reporting-ensuring her teams understand the direction we have set & can meet the goals of their work.

Individual Leader - Jessica Parker

Bring GIS to K12 Education in Minnesota
Minnesota IT Services at Education

GIS is the 3rd leading jobs producer. It is imperative we provide spatial and critical thinking skills to our young people. This collaborative project between state agencies and local and regional GIS professionals is providing training, competition and GIS skills for use in the marketplace.

Collaboration - Minnesota IT Services at Education

MNSpin: Local Music Online at Hennepin County Library
Hennepin County

MnSpin is a new online collection of Mn music curated by local experts. It features recent works from musicians of all genres who currently perform & are based in Mn. Music will be free to stream or download. Artists gain exposure & music lovers explore the rich diversity of the local scene.

Service - Hennepin County

Aurora in the Cloud
Minnesota State Retirement System

MSRS moved its largest business application, Aurora, to the IBM cloud. At the forefront of cloud usage for MN government, this transition saves MSRS more than $1.1 million annually, reducing costs by more than 60% (the equivalent of 5.7% of the admin budget) while improving service and security.

Innovation - Minnesota State Retirement System

Nomination Requirements

The following information will be requested on the online submission form. It is highly recommended that nomination information is created in another document and cut and pasted into the online submission form:

  • Award category, title of project (or name of the individual leader), agency, contact information for the nominator and nominee, project implementation date
  • Summary (300 characters or less) – a high level overview of the project (or the individual leader)
  • Narrative (3000 characters or less) – for projects, include the concept, process, significance and impact (how it demonstrates excellence and meets the criteria); for individual leaders, describe how he/she meets the criteria. Nominations may include URLs of public-facing, project-specific sites. Additional materials or attachments will not be accepted.

Submitting Your Nomination

All nominations must be sent through the online submission form. Once you submit your nomination a confirmation will be sent to you via email. Once a nomination is submitted, it is final and no revisions can be made. Nominations will be accepted between July 16 and September 13, 2018. Nominations must be received Thursday, September 13 by 11:59 p.m. (CST).
Note: technical assistance will only be available Monday – Friday between the hours of 8:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m.