Land Use Training and Education Program

Groundwater and Watershed Planning for a Secure Future

When and Where:

  • Monday, October 2 - Luverne, Grand Prairie Events Center, 105 S Estey St.
  • Tuesday, October 10 - Owatonna, Owatonna Public Utilities Building, 208 Walnut Ave S.

Time: 12:30 pm to 4:30 pm (12:00 check-in)

Fee: $60 $25
Thanks to the financial support from:
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The state of water, its amount and quality that are so often taken for granted, is one of the key determinants of a community's quality of life. When surface and groundwater are managed well, a community's health and well-being are more secure. Its water-dependent economies and natural resources are more resilient and able to respond to unexpected climate and land use changes.

Water security is best provided by coordinating water management needs across water use sectors and communities (cities, townships, counties, watersheds). In this workshop, participants will learn from subject experts about the hidden, valuable resource groundwater, and how collaborative planning at the watershed scale differs in a variety of important ways from today's common approach to local water planning. This course will address the following complex challenges:

  1. What lies under a watershed, i.e., geology and groundwater, is important knowledge to have for watershed planning because ground watersheds differ from surface watersheds;
  2. Land use decisions throughout a watershed influence groundwater quality and availability;
  3. Groundwater management in watersheds requires collaboration among many local decision makers and actors - cities, counties, townships, watershed districts, private land owners;
  4. Succeeding at watershed management may require multiple problem solving approaches so that decisions on different water use issues do not cause unintended impacts in other water use areas;
  5. A comprehensive watershed plan developed collaboratively ensures the bigger goals of water equity and future water security can be met for all of the communities within the watershed.

Audience: This course is designed for those who seek/need more knowledge about groundwater in order to prepare a comprehensive, unified water plan and to protect the watershed's valuable surface and groundwater resources into the future.


Presenters: (Hover over name to see presenter biography)

James A. Berg, P.G., Minnesota Department of Natural Resources

Dawn Bernau, Minnesota Department of Agriculture

Tim Gieseke, Minnesota Department of Natural Resources

Scot Johnson, Minnesota Department of Natural Resources

Brian Nyborg, Minnesota Department of Natural Resources

Jason Overby, Lincoln-Pipestone Rural Water System

Ryan Perish, Minnesota Department of Agriculture

Todd Piepho, Minnesota Department of Natural Resources

Jennifer Ronnenberg, Minnesota Department of Health

Amanda Strommer, Minnesota Department of Health

James Vanderwaal, Minnesota Department of Natural Resources

Curriculum Coordinator:

Sharon Pfeifer, Minnesota Department of Natural Resources

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