Land Use Training and Education Program

From Silos to Collaborations: Creating Governance Frameworks that Work

When and Where:

Cost: $150

Audience: Civic leaders, elected officials, non-profit organizations, granting foundations, state agency staff, natural resource managers, local government staff and professionals involved in developing and leading collaborations.

Understanding governance is not a requirement for collaborations to resolve their issues, any more so than understanding gravity was a requirement for the Wright brothers to get their winged-bike airborne. But understanding gravity was certainly a requirement for humankind to reach the moon. And understanding governance will be a requirement for society to resolve the complex issues that are compelling organizations to collaborate.

Collaborations are "hybrid organizations" created to solve society's new, more complex issues. But collaborations themselves are vulnerable to their own complexities, and their success in solving technical, scientific, political and social problems is based on the design of their governance framework.

This session is a hands-on exercise for designing collaborative governance frameworks. Participants learn what type of governance actor they are, what style of governance they prefer, and what organizational governance footprints are. With this new knowledge, participants can provide leadership in creating effective governance frameworks for community, corporate, environment, and other "civic governance" efforts.