Land Use Training and Education Program

City Energy and Climate Action Planning

When and Where:

  • November 1, 2018 12:30 pm – 4:00 pm (check in at 12:00) - Tierney Brothers, 771 Energy Park Dr #100, St Paul, MN 55108 - Presented by Brian Ross and Abby Finis, Great Plains Institute

Cost: $75

Audience: Elected and appointed officials and government planning staff.

Local governments are increasingly taking energy and climate action into their own hands, recognizing both the critical role they play in meeting State and national climate goals, and the synergies between local energy use and development and local government initiatives on transportation, land use, and economic development.

But local government officials and staff often struggle to understand where to start. Climate and energy have not been a routine part of planning, policy, or regulation. Community energy data is sometimes difficult to identify and understand. Strategies may require new partnerships in order to be effective. Fortunately, local governments have resources and technical assistance to turn to for supporting community efforts and local goals.

This workshop will lay out the fundamentals of local government energy and climate planning and options for shaping climate and energy goals to local conditions and preferences. The workshop will cover: how energy is used in your community, energy resources are available and likely to be developed, what implementation strategies and tools to maximize opportunities to save energy and take advantage of renewable resources, and how energy and climate strategies can (if deliberately structured) help meet other priority goals in transportation, economic development, natural resource protection, and community equity.

Registration Information
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